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Grave Clean up

These are my grandparents. I never met them, they died many years before I was born.

But I was saddened to see their grave so unkempt.

My Dad whose parents these are, is getting too old to care for the site, and his siblings moved away. I thought I would try and clean it.

My father had this grave cleaned professionally about about 5 years ago. At a cost of about Β£700. The grave however is in permanent shade, due to a row of very large conifer trees.

So as usual I consultedthe internet and found a product called, Headstone cleaning spray by HG. It cost Β£7.99.

Whilst I didn’t take a better scrubbing brush, the difference is incredible.i didn’t even realize it was WHITE marble.

I don’t usually do product reviews unless it’s literary related, but I was so blown away by the difference I had to post about it.

It’s not finished. I have some plants to get, digging to do, but so far I am pleased with the results.

You can purchase the cleaning spray from Amazon –> LinkΒ 

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