Wick Wednesday: Bad Ass Bubblegum

Welcome to my first Wick Wednesday post. My mission is to highlight the importance of Hygge for all, but especially for Bookworms.

Lighting is a very important principle of Hygge, as it creates an atmosphere which assists in being more in the moment- Which is exactly what Hygge is about- Mindfulness…

Gotham’s crazy candle co. We put the hot in psychotic! Insanely delicious scents you won’t want to escape.

Bad Ass Bubblegum, is one of my favorite EVER candles. Created by a company called Happy Piranha.


This candle is based on Harley Quinn, a DC comic book character, whose fame has renewed recently with the release of Suicide Squad. A film based on a group of Villians who save the world.

Harley Quinn is the girlfriend of the Joker and has become a cult icon. She also appears in September BOTM Catwoman by Sarah J Maas.

The candle smells of bubblegum, obviously, but it’s not overpowering, and it does burn very well. The wick stays central, and the burn will last 80 hours.

mvimg_20180904_114516To buy the candle head over to Happypiranha.com to purchase..






Please note***

Happy Piranha has not paid me for the blog post, nor have they provided me with any free product.

The Wick Wednesday Posts are purely to review products, that I love and use every day to enhance my Hygge Experience.




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