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Jack the Ripper: A Legacy

whitehall_murder_school_illustrationJack the Ripper was a serial killer in 1888 in Victorian London.Β  He (or she) terrorised Whitechapel, for about a year.

It’s truly unsure how many Jack may have killed, but experts say there are a definite 5 victims. Many believe it was more like 11.

The number doesn’t really matter, what’s so shocking is the nature of the killings. The women’sΒ bodies were mutilated, deep incisions cut into the skin, the innards were pulled out, some organs removed, and never found.

What also horrified Victorian London was the infamous ‘From Hell’ letter. A letter written in blood, addressed to Mr Lusk, advising that the Kidney he took was very tasty.

Whether the letter or any of the evidence from Jack the Ripper is real or not, the Jack the Ripper case is fascinating. The legacy of the Ripper still lives on, sparking new theories and stories.fromhellletter

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