Wick Wednesday: Bad Ass Bubblegum

Welcome to my first Wick Wednesday post. My mission is to highlight the importance of Hygge for all, but especially for Bookworms. Lighting is a very important principle of Hygge, as it creates an atmosphere which assists in being more in the moment- Which is exactly what Hygge is about- Mindfulness... Gotham's crazy candle co. … Continue reading Wick Wednesday: Bad Ass Bubblegum

Hygge: The Ultimate lifestyle for Bookworms

Hygge: A Danish and Norweigan word for a feeling of cosiness and good wellbeing. About two years ago, this word was everywhere in the UK. People were Hygging (?) left right and centre. The Little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking was in every major supermarket. If I'm honest, I wasn't that into it, thinking … Continue reading Hygge: The Ultimate lifestyle for Bookworms