Audiobooks: KOBO vs Audible

It’s a showdown, people!!!

I love audiobooks. last thing before bed for about 20 minutes I love to pop on some fairy lights, have a hot drink, lie back in bed, and be carried off to another world.

I always feel so relaxed and refreshed when I wake.

That being said, audiobooks, individually purchased are really EXPENSIVE. you are talking at least £10-£25 for each book. Not purse friendly.

BUT Audiobook subscriptions make it possible for me. There are two contenders for these Audible- an Amazon based company and KOBO – a Ratuken company.


How do they work?

You buy a credit each month which can be exchanged for 1 audiobook, no matter the price individually. you can then play these via the app on all smartphones, laptop, and computers.

Subscription Price

Audible: £7.99, per month for 1 credits. £14.99 for 2 credits

Kobo: £6.99, per month for 1 title

Availability of titles

Honestly, it’s about the same. I search for titles that appear on Audible and Kobo and they were identical.



The Kobo app contains eBooks & Audiobooks. The home page I felt was a little underwhelming, BUT the reading activity page made me a happy little reader. I love reading about stats, especially my own. With stats like ‘hours per book’ and ‘pages turned’ I was a happy little book bat.

There are also rewards like the social butterfly, witching hour (wow) and Deep thinker to be won. I do love challenges.

Overall ★★★★



When you open the audible app it takes you straight to where you left the app the last time you were there. In my instance, the Library. I like that for two reasons, 1) no-one is trying to sell you more books. 2) the bottom of it has the last played book player, so you can just continue where you left off.

There is also a stats page with reward badges which were quite similar to KOBO, it does give you a ranking depending on how long you listen to them.

Overall ★★★★★


Other Services


  • Although the Audible app does not have the ebooks in the app, you can switch between the eBook and Audiobook, if you have purchased both. If you already own a Kindle book, chances are you will get an offer price on the Audiobook at a really reduced price. you can then switch between the apps, and continue on the eBook, or the audiobook when needed. it will keep your place.
  • Audible has a free service called ‘Shows’ which are like podcasts but by authors and famous people. (Stephen Fry’s one is very good. )
  • Finally, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you can only get the series on audible. although it links to JK Rowlings own Pottermore Website.



You need to way up how serious you are about audiobooks. If you are starting out I would recommend KOBO, if you are not sure how much time you would have for it. It’s cheaper and easy to use.

If you think you want more credits at a better value for money, the hands down you’ll want Audible. Three extra credits can be purchased for £17.99 So if you feel you need the rest of a series you started listening to you can.

Audiobooks can be addicting. I have 457 Audible titles. (I’ve been with Audile for about 8 years)

KOBO website ♡ Audible Website




My Literary Goals for 2018

Bookstagram: My new Mantra next year is Be different! I’m starting off in January with a Harley Quinn Theme. I’m also going to try to be really proactive, and plan my Themes for the year. I have done 4 months so far, and I am really looking forward to them.
Writing: I have been really bad at writing lately, and a I need a confidence boost. I have a book of 365 affirmations that I will be using daily to stir creative juices. I have a few ideas and the plan is to really focus on finishing a book.
Read List: My plan is to read 130 books this year. In a few hours Goodreads will upload 2018 reading challenge, which I can’t wait for the blank slate! I’ve created a Goodreads Shelf for 2018.. so check it out! This will help me to keep on track and get some of the older book titles I’ve yet to read checked off my TBR list!!

Book Buying Budget: I buy a lot of books. I need to curb it slightly. So I am giving myself a budget of £100 a month ( seems like a lot, but I spend a lot more!)
A Literary Romance: I am fully committing myself to this blog next year. I am gonna post more reviews and lifestyle tips. My aim, is to post at least 100 posts next year! This will help with my writing confidence, and give me a chance to go psycho for the books I love!!


Setting Book Goals for 2018


2018 is a few hours away. I always get super excited this time of year, because I adore the new opportunities. It’s like you can truly start again.

I’m turning 30 next year, so I have a lot of personal goals I wanna get done, but also my literary goals.

Here’s my guide to making literary goals.

  1. Figure out where you need to make goals: Bookstagram, number of books, Book Buying Budgets & Book Organisation. I’m also going to create goals for Writing. Which Include; Story Outlines, Word Goals, Brainstorm, & Research.
  2. Under each section begin to describe or bullet point where you want to be in 365 days. be specific. For example. I want to read 130 books in 2018.
  3. Begin to specify what actions you need to take to complete each goal. For example: to read 130 books, I will need to first Sign up for the challenge on Goodreads. Then, find 100 or so books that I know I cannot wait to read. Then, Create a shelf to house them.
  4. Find which tools will help. Time, organisation, apps, calendars… you name it you can use it.
  5. Write it down, plan it out. Start adding the actions to your calendar, or timetable. This way you can make time for your plans, but also have an idea of what you need to do. In some cases this will help with writer’s block and lower stress about the goals.
  6. Keep a tracker: journal, tick boxes, goal sheets: Make sure you keep an eye on your goals, tick off what you have done and when you have achieved them. This will give you purpose to continue.
  7. Celebrate the little goals. Buy your self that book you wanted for a while, only after you have done the action. Use it as motivation to keep going… doesn’t have to be one book either.. how about an entire series.
  8. Know that you can do this: when you find yourself struggling, remember the goals that you have already achieved. The books you already read, and found amazing, or when you surprised yourself with an awesome Novel Idea.

So here some Idea’s for your Goal planning. I hope you have an amazing new year full of loads of books.. Happy New Year!!