My opinion of #CockyGate, and why it should scare budding authors… 

It’s currently trending on Twitter and it has the literary world in a spin.

Faleena Hopkins has copyrighted the word ‘Cocky’ for romance fiction.

Hopkins has stated  “applied for the trademark to protect the future of my series because it helps people. It’s filled with love, hope, and respect to all human beings.” Apparently, readers were purchasing other romance books, thinking they were hers.

Some independent (indie) authors have received cease and desist letters, requesting they change the title of their novels. This has forced the authors to change the name of their novels because they do not have the financial means to pursue.

Isn’t she perfectly well within her rights? 


Unfortunately. Yes.

But seriously.

These authors are trying to make their bread and butter. They see very little of the money that is made, and they have been advised by AMAZON & AUDIBLE to pull their books from their sites, costing these authors, time and sales.

The Romance writing community is incredible. Romance readers and their writers get a lot of stick from the world. People have dubbed it ‘not real writing’.

Even my national writing magazine call them ‘mommy porn’

BUT when there is a problem, they rally behind.

39 authors have written an anthology, with 100 % of the funds, going to both the authors that it has harmed and to RWA (Romance Writers of America)

RWA is taking up legal action against Hopkins. Their hope is to squash this cocky author before it gets out of hand.51uahqfpyol

This post isn’t about bullying the author. I wanted to put out there the facts. I want to be an author one day, and I may decide to take the Indie route. There are some amazing authors out there who have made lifelong friends, and I want that. To be part of a great community. BUT this scares me.

What’s next? 

Will someone trademark another entire word? Will the word ‘series’ been trademarked, so no one can name there book as part of a series…

It’s overwhelming enough of a dream to write… legal crap. not so glamorous.

At the moment, I am watching this story eyes peeled for updates. I will post regular updates when they appear because it is important for ALL authors, not just the Romance world.

BTW  – Cock Tales is available until the 26 August.

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Tarot Tuesday: Tarot Lowdown Plus FREE Tarot Cheat Sheet

From Stephen King to John Steinbeck, some of the greatest authors of all time have used Tarot cards to ignite their creativity…


There are thousands of decks available, many inspired by books, movies, myths and many more.  I am obsessed with buying new decks- I am a complete magpie for them.

About Tarot

The Deck usually consists of 78 cards. It is split in two. The Major Arcana and the Minor.

The major consists of 22 cards and tells you which universal force is surrounding you. These cards are probably the most famous, with cards such as Lovers, The Devil, and Death.

The minor consists of 56 cards which are divided into 4. Usually, these are Swords, Wands, Cups, & Pentacles. Many modern decks, reimagine these into different elements, such as Earth, Air Fire & Water.

In my very humble opinion, Tarot cards are for guidance. I’ve known people to LIVE by the cards, but honestly let them nudge you ever so slightly into figuring your own life out.


Tarot for Writers

In the next few weeks, I am going to blog about the ways in which Tarot can be used as a tool for writing. including, Character Creation, plot, setting,  and writer’s block.

I’ll be even including some exercises and layouts.

For now, I’ve attached a FREE Cheat Sheet which I created to help myself out…

PDF – Tarot Cheat Sheet

JPG – Tarot Cheat Sheet 

Can’t wait to see where this goes!!

Love Kirsten

Decks: The Wild Unknown, Crystal Visions, & Raider Waite


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Writer’s Block?… Consult the Cards…

Untitled design (1)I use Oracle/Tarot Cards to generate ideas.

This may seem a little kooky to some out there but it’s a really great exercise.

For example, I use the New Age Hipster Cards to write a small piece of writing a day, just to keep my creative juices flowing. I just pick a card at random,  and just free write.


New Age Hipster Oracle Cards

I also use them, if I have a little bit of Writer’s Block. I come away from the story that I am writing, and I pick a card and write something about it. This gives me a chance to have a break from being stuck, and a chance to recharge.

Personally, I have only ever used Oracle & Tarot Cards as a thought-provoking exercise, both in writing and in life.  Like most forms fortune telling, the ‘messages’ are very broad. For example, the infamous death card means destruction or corruption, or simply a change is coming. Neither negative or positive.

Rider Waite Tarot

Using creative tools is something I am interested in developing in my writing. I’ll be writing some tips and updates as I go along.


New Age Hipster: Link to Website

The Original Rider Waite Tarot: Amazon

Further Reading: Tarot for Writers by Corinne Kenner