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Tarot Review: Eight Coin Tattoo Tarot

My first Tarot deck I am going to review is stunning. It’s by the very talented Lana Zellner, Check out her Instagram: Here.  The artwork is phenomenal, and I can’t stop staring at them.


So let’s start with the box, it’s a Hardshell with finger grooves at the side to assist in opening, The first thing I notices was a folder poster, which practically lept out of the box.


Next came the guidebook, It’s by far the best I’ve ever seen. The Images are in COLOUR, and the side pages have small tabs, for each of the suits and Major Arcana. The guide begins to describe her creating/drawing process

Next, the cards, they are very slippery, but overall a nice feel to them. There are 82 cards overall. six of the cards, have an original drawing from the first version of the deck. I personally have removed these ones, because, although nice cards, I would work with just the 76 cards.

The tattoo imagery is neo-traditional, as in the vintage tattoo that screams 1950s hillbilly, but that I am totally having for my first tattoo.. whenever that happens


Ultimately, I am really looking forward to using this deck, more, and the rich imagery is spellbinding.

You can purchase the deck from Amazon.